Flagship Commons, the first food hall concept to hit the Nebraska Plains, by innovative, Omaha-based Flagship Restaurant Group, is located within Westroads Mall at 10000 California Street in Omaha. 


The food hall incorporates new locations for existing local eateries, including Amsterdam Falafel & Kabob; Blatt Beer & Table, which offer both full-service and quick dining; and Aromas Coffeehouse, which also sells desserts. 

Flagship Commons also features several new concepts, including Yum Roll (by Blue Sushi Sake Grill), which serves sushi made to order and Yum-Yum Bowls; , which serves classic ramen; Weirdough Pizza Co., which serves Roman-style pizza al taglio; Juan Taco, serving food-truck style tacos; and Clever Greens, a salad station. 

A corner bar serves a full bar menu and snacks. Each concept serves specialty cocktails, wine or beer.

Seating consists of a mixture of some counter and bar seating at various restaurants and a combination of high-top, traditional and banquet seating. 

A large fireplace with lounge seating marks the center of the food hall. 

Each concept within the space boasts its own unique look and design, all coming together to create an energetic dining experience for guests. 

Behind the Scenes Videos

The Atmosphere

Architect Tom Allisma talks about converting a 22,000 sq. ft "blank canvas" into the Midwest's first food hall. 

  • Warm and welcoming rustic modern atmosphere
  • Reclaimed barn wood will wrap the entire interior
  • Each concept has its own design identity
  • 430+ seats in a variety of styles including booths, banquets, lounge chairs, counter seating and community tables
  • A patio! 

Have we mentioned this project and its concepts were born in Omaha and will be operated by Omaha folks? 

The Flavors

Chef Tony Gentile will tell you it's all about bold, diverse and fresh flavors at Flagship Commons. Our quality food-focused options are fast and casual.

  • Grab-and-go and full service sushi
  • Omaha's first authentic ramen shop
  • Sicilian-style pizza with a crispy focaccia crust
  • Tacos with fresh-made tortillas!
  • A wall of salad greens. Yes, a wall. 
  • An anchor bar will serve snacks, cocktails and craft beer.
  • Local favorites including Blatt Beer & Table, Amsterdam Falafel & Kabob and Aromas Coffeehouse

C’mon we just said ramen. Need we say more?

The Food Hall Experience

What the heck is a food hall anyway? Anthony Hitchcock explains the groundbreaking food hall model and what to expect at Flagship Commons. 

  • Think comfortable seating, ping-pong table, cocktails & craft beer, and quality food made fresh-to-order…and fast!
  • Flagship Commons is a Disneyland for people who love food, with something for everyone! 
  • Watch food preparation in action, such as fresh tortillas being pressed at Juan Taco
  • Flagship Commons is the first in the midwest to launch “Stubborn", Pepsi's new line of craft sodas

An 80s mall food court this is not!

The Vision

CEO Nick Hogan aims to bring a new spirit to the traditional food court environment.

  • Existing and new local restaurant concepts converge to bring a new entertainment element to food court dining
  • Flagship Commons was spurred by the desire to evolve creatively as a restaurateur and drive innovation in Omaha
  • Inspired by travels and the new food hall movement happening in larger cities
  • A mix of familiar and new food ideas to stretch the boundaries and introduce a new way to experience good food

A brand new vision.

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